Frequently Asked Questions

What makes NV Soothing Moisturizer different from other moisturizers?
NV Soothing Moisturizer is a special blend of oils, primarily grapeseed oil, whose method of application is designed to drive moisture into the skin and keep it there. NV Soothing Moisturizer also contains an emulsifier (a detergent) to help it penetrate the skin (the stratum corneum). It doesn’t just sit on top of the skin like synthetic oils do, so it won’t clog the pores. It penetrates the skin, bringing water in with it, and giving your skin a silky feel.

How is NV Soothing Moisturizer applied?
1) First, moisten the skin with water.
2) Then, apply a thin film of NV Soothing Moisturizer to the moistened skin as often as desired.

Repeat the above steps as frequently as needed to maintain soft, hydrated skin. NV Soothing Moisturizer helps add moisture to the skin, even with just one application The more you use it, the more hydrated your skin will become.

Can I have my eczema patients use NV Soothing Moisturizer as a moisturizer in between treatments with prescription products?
Absolutely. NV Soothing Moisturizer is an ideal product to use whenever your goal is to hydrate and soften the skin.

Can NV Soothing Moisturizer be used on the face?
Yes. NV Soothing Moisturizer will not clog pores because it will not sit on the surface of the skin. The oil and water will penetrate the skin, leaving it soft, not greasy or oily.

Can NV Soothing Moisturizer be used as a bath oil?
Yes, but exercise caution. Oils may make bathtubs slippery. The safest way to use NV Soothing Moisturizer is to apply it to dampened skin, immediately after a bath or shower, after stepping out of the bath or shower.

What other uses does NV Soothing Moisturizer have?
• To soothe hands
• To soften the heels of the feet
• Apply to the legs after shaving to moisturize and prevent flaking
• Add to the water for manicure soaks
• Use as a moisturizer in between prescription treatments for eczema
• To hydrate and soften itchy, dry skin